Korea the story so far

So, I thought I’d use this blog as a space to write about my adventures in Korea so far.  One week in and I’d recommend anyone who’s even thinking about it taking the opportunity to come out here and teach for a year.

I passed training Friday night and got moved on Saturday.  This week I’m going to start teaching kids for April so that will be a real test.   I don’t even know what level I’m going to be on for sure yet as I’ve had the most threadbare meetings with people

I moved in to my apartment Saturday.  I got an apartment in a pretty nice section of Seoul, a mall and a bunch of big department stores nearby along with more bars and restaurants than I could count.

Not only are the tons of Korean places but there is also a Dunkin Donuts just across the street where I can get a coffee and  donut for 2500 Won so that’s pretty nice.

My apartment so far has been pretty sweet aside from the completely ridiculous looking pink comforter.

Josh from training is here too he’s just two floors up despite being at a different school It’ll be nice to have someone closeby as I dunno what I would have done over the weekend by myself here.

I wish I had some pictures to share but I somehow forgot my camera in America so until i start making some money or maybe get a phone I won’t be able to add pictures to the blog.

I’ve met so many awesome people here, everyone from my training group seemed really cool and it’s led to me having like 20 new Facebookfriends or something ridiculous in a week.  It feels like I’ve been here for a year already and I haven’t even started my job that’s how crazy it’s been.

I’ve probably spent more time out drinking in the bars than i did in college–yes I was a huge nerd in college.  Darn it’s a lot of fun here to go out drinking and cheap too.

A first food note.  yesterday I had Kim Chi Chigae for lunch and it was really delicious though spicy enough to blow your head off your shoulders.

About Andrew Martin
Hello, I'm a 31 year old educator. I've spent a few years abroad before coming back to the states this year. I'm a man of many interests, and I use seoulbound as my place for talking about them.

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