Craftworks: Possibly the best beer in Seoul

Korean beer, hate it or kind of tolerate it.  So I’ve been going to more and more foreign bars looking for a great glass of beer.

Having been to a lot of the bars in Itaewon I had my favorites.

Then I had a book club meetup at Craftworks. Craftworks is a microbrewery just two blocks from Noksapyeong station. It’s a little bit hidden, I walked past it the first time I was looking for it.   It’s a small hole in the wall.

Once you walk in the atmosphere is great.  It’s non-smoking inside and a smoking allowed porch.    It always has seemed pretty friendly, even later in the evening it always has a very jovial atmosphere compared to the bars up the road in Itaewon proper.  The wait staff carries i-devices to take your order.

The food is teriffic.  I’ve had several things on the menu.   Pancakes for brunch.   Soup for lunch, burgers and steak for dinner.  Everything has been delicious.  The pancakes were big and light and were served with maple syrup.

The chili is excellent.  It’s a good soupy style chili served in a big bowl with bread and cheese.   The dinner is amazing.  The burger is very flavorful and meaty.   You can order it with a wide selection of cheese and bacon.  The steak is nicely marinated and comes with a good salad.

But the real star of this place is the beer.   I especially love their Namsan pillsner(pictured at top)   and the Moon Bear Ipa.  They really taste amazing.   The pillsner is my favorite and tastes smooth just like you would want in a pillsner.   Their menu and a word on their desserts after the break.


Not only do they have the great food and beer, in a rare thing for a Korean restaurant they have a delicious dessert.   They offer a red velvet cake and a apple pie that are both delicious.   Korea is a desert of desserts and this is an oasis with two excellent options.


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Hello, I'm a 31 year old educator. I've spent a few years abroad before coming back to the states this year. I'm a man of many interests, and I use seoulbound as my place for talking about them.

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