Busan review: Jagachi fish market


The first place we stopped when Lost in Seoul’s Busan trip got in gear was at the city’s wonderful fish market.   It’s quite a site to behold, and a culinary treat that’s going to be hard for Seoul’s fish market to top when I finally make it there.

When we first arrived we walked around, and took a brief look at the outside of the market.  Got a wiff of the mix of sea breeze and fish in all kinds of different states from alive to smoked.

Then we walked up stairs to the fish market and ordered.  Thankfully I was spared the difficulty of handling the ordering on this trip.  (My K-Seafood vocabulary is quite limited compared to my otherwise great K-food vocabulary)

After Rebecca managed to get our order together we were served a sumptuous feast for the six of us including two whole white fish, some whitefish sashimi, a plate of delicious smooth as they come scallops, a nice and spicy complimentary fish soup, and all the sides and sauces you would want.

Not a single thing on the menu had what you would call a fishy taste.  The one thing that I might be a bit unhappy with is they only serve  cooked fish with the bones in it.  It’s kind of annoying to have to pick out all the bones.

I don’t even especially like sea food, it’s not really my thing but this place hit a home run on everything we pitched at them.   The selection was kind of daunting, they pulled out a sheet of dozens of types of sea animals, some of which I don’t know how you cook or eat.

The fish market in Busan is right outside Jagachi station on the subway.  It was a little bit pricey but no more than I’ve seen at most fish places in Seoul.   One side note of the eight people who ate the food here one person did get somewhat ill and had to turn in early a few hours earlier.  However he had Never eaten seafood in his entire life and it seems more likely it just disagreed with him  rather than the food being terribly bad.

I was really thrilled with this dinner and it was one of the culinary high points of my Busan adventures.

About Andrew Martin
Hello, I'm a 31 year old educator. I've spent a few years abroad before coming back to the states this year. I'm a man of many interests, and I use seoulbound as my place for talking about them.

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