Beachside dining in Busan

So Haeundae beach is awesome.   And right by the beach there are a bunch of restaurants there who serve the beach bums.

On my trip with “Lost in Seoul” we hit up two of the more popular joints there.  The Fuzzy Navel and Breeze Burns.

The Fuzzy Navel is a Mexican restaurant with a bar.  They offer a really wide selection of drinks, especially cocktails.  For my money though if the restaurant is named the Fuzzy Navel I’m not going to get clever and try to outsmart them.

The ambience of this place was really nice.   It had a nice beachside bar feel to it with the music rolling.  I only wish there was an actual bar right on Haeundae.  I’d love to be drinking one of their cocktails while I sunbathe or right after I walk up out of the water.

I ordered a Fuzzy Navel.  That was delicious.  I also ordered a chicken burrito and Nachos with toppings piled high.  ( I had just spent 45 minutes in brutally cold ocean water I was starving)

The food was pretty good but the restaurant wasn’t staffed for the occasion.  Parts of our order were forgotten, our food took forever.

The following afternoon we went to the burger place Breeze Burn’s for lunch.

This place seemed like a fairly typical Korean burger place.   You could get fries as a set with your burger but the portions were very small.

It offered a range of sort of fu-fu burgers that had lots of stuff on them.  Unlike a Kraze Burger dinner it was suitable to pick up with your hands for the most part.

The burgers were pretty good.  Skip on the chicken, one of us got that and said it was pretty bad.  The portions on the french fries were a bit smaller than I would have liked.   We split a set of chili cheese fries and it just wasn’t that good of a value.

All in all if you’re by the beach I’d recommend Fuzzy Navel heartily and Breeze burn’s if you want a burger.   The prices at both places were around the norm for foreign food in Korea.

About Andrew Martin
Hello, I'm a 31 year old educator. I've spent a few years abroad before coming back to the states this year. I'm a man of many interests, and I use seoulbound as my place for talking about them.

One Response to Beachside dining in Busan

  1. i agree. the fries portions were pretty small. however, reading this post is making me hungry and i’ve already eaten dinner…

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