The other Mini


Most of the buzz today, is about the new iPad Mini.  At $329 it frankly doesn’t excite me too much.  However Apple updated another Mini and it really excites me.   At $599 the mac Mini with Ivy Bridge is a very interesting piece of kit.   Unless reviews give me some reason that I don’t want one then I’m probably going to buy one by Christmas.

The first point I’ll make was something my Podcasting partner Brent said.  “The apple tax almost doesn’t apply.”  599 for an Ivy Bridge computer is a pretty good price in my estimation.  I’m sure if you searched around you could find a PC at a competitive price.  Which brings me to the next reason I’m interested in the Mac Mini.

It’s an amazingly portable computer for a desktop.  You might wonder who cares about portability in a desktop but I move fairly frequently.  I’ve moved at least once a year, sometimes more for every year in the last four years.  Anything to move isn’t so bad.

Also I’m just not all that comfortable having my computer’s long term health tied to the monitor’s long term health.  I like keeping these separate.  So that’s a plus.

So then it just comes down to a Windows machine or a Mac and frankly, I just prefer working in a Mac.  Games notwithstanding it’s a better work environment for me.

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Hello, I'm a 31 year old educator. I've spent a few years abroad before coming back to the states this year. I'm a man of many interests, and I use seoulbound as my place for talking about them.

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