Weekend walks: Bonegusa Temple

So sunday I took my camera and headed for Bonegusa temple.   This, one of the most famous of Buhddist temples in Seoul, is located right across the street from the COEX mall.

Now, I’m not  spiritual at all but the art and architecture of this place were pretty moving.  In the back there is a really remarkable  statue of “Goddess of Mercy Buhdda.”  It was shockingly tall and very peaceful, for a place right in the middle of a big city.

Another highlight of the trip were two sets of lots of small things.  They had a really cool set of paper lanterns.

Another cool thing was a wall of little golden Buddhas.   It was really kind of shocking.

To get to Bonegusa temple you just go to Samseong Subway (line 2).  Go out Exit #6 and walk  till you see it.  It took me a few minutes longer than I thought it was.