What the Dog Saw

What the Dog Saw is an anthology of articles by Malcom Gladwell, and because it’s that instead of a book, it lacks the unity of purpose and voice that comprised Gladwell’s previous books.

Instead, what we get with What the Dog Saw is a series of unrelated points that are at times quite entertaining.  I especially enjoyed the bit about why there is so litle variety in ketchup but every other food category has been about catering to smaller niches for the last few decades.

The Titular story about how dogs relate to, “The Dog Whisperer was fascinating as well.  I’ve never seen the show, but it made me interested in it in a way that I never would have been from descriptions, or allusions to it in South Park.

The problem is that some of the stories just aren’t that interesting.  They also sometimes are quite old and draw on old events for inspiration.   I just can’t bring myself to care about John F. Kennedy Junior’s plane crash.  Maybe I would have when the story was published in The New Yorker, but in 2011 it’s nothing but a distant memory.
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