Newsweek kills Print


So, Newsweek, one of the venerable magazines in news, is killing it’s print edition.  At the end of the year, it’s going online-only.  It makes me sad.  

What strikes me as unfortunate about a lot of these people making Kindle and iPad magazines is it’s principally a cash grab.   Not moving to where the ad money is, but juicing their subscribers for stuff that used to be provided for free.  

Newspapers, and magazines cost money to cover the overhead of printing it out and shipping it.  That stuff costs money.    Now they get all that money taken from them.  Now they still get ad revenue, albeit less because it’s online.  

Then they want a huge premium for every issue depite having drastically less overhead to deal with.  All the while there’s an amazing bonanza of free news content on the ‘net.   

Flipboard’s amazing interface for reading blogs is teriffic.  You can just flip through stories like a magazine and they’re not asking for ridiculous rates like the magazines.   

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Hello, I'm a 31 year old educator. I've spent a few years abroad before coming back to the states this year. I'm a man of many interests, and I use seoulbound as my place for talking about them.

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